Cross Border

Kerry Express provides package delivery services to overseas destinations.

Cross Border is a delivery service with the aim of speed, economically, guaranteed security and comfort. Equipped with real-time track and trace features that allow buyers to know the delivery process and make the logistics experience easier.

The following terms and conditions apply to all overseas shipments via Kerry Express:

  1. The shipping costs do not include import duties, taxes, permits related fees, VAT, and all additional fees (If any) in the destination country.
  2. The chargeable weight determined by the higher weight between actual gross weight (kg) or volumetric weight (W x W x H (cm): 5000).
  3. Lead time is calculated on working days excluding Customs Clearance process, weekends, and national public holidays.
  4. Goods must be packaged as secure as possible by the sender to protect the contents from damage during the shipping process.
  5. Insurance for international shipments is optional. Valuable items are recommended to cover by insurance.
  6. Insurance only covers the loss of the package ( does not cover damage to goods in the package and or immaterial losses due to delays and or loss and damage ).
  7. Complaints about damaged or lost packages must be submitted to Kerry Express within 2×24 hours after the package is received, otherwise we can not accept any forms of complaints.
  8. The maximum value for lost package claims which are not insured by the sender is according to commercial invoice value or the actual value with a maximum replacement / liability value of $100 USD.
  9. Kerry Express is not responsible for any damage package caused by non-standard packaging (unsafe packaging) from the sender.
  10. Kerry Express is not responsible for packages that are detained in the destination country due to the recipient's failure to comply with the documentation and or Customs tax required by the Customs and Excise ( Customs ) in the destination country.
  11. If the package is stuck because the recipient's address has moved, the recipient's address is not found, the recipient's phone number cannot be contacted, the recipient refuses to pay taxes, the recipient cannot meet the Customs documentation requirements in the destination country more than 2×24 hours after the package arrives in the destination country and there is no good news from the sender or recipient, then Kerry Express has the right to issue instructions for the destruction or confiscation of the package by the cargo party in destination countries.
  12. All costs of destruction, abandonment, or quarantine in the destination country will be borne by the sender.
  13. Regarding packages returned to the sender due to various Customs problems and the recipient in the destination country, all costs incurred in the return shipping process will be borne by the sender.
  14. Cancellation of shipments made by the sender after the package has been dropped or handed over to Kerry Express will be subject to a fee, in exchange for the cost of storage, documentation, checking and so on a minimum of IDR 100,000 to IDR 200,000 depending on the actions taken carried out to handle the shipment package.
  15. The Shipper is obliged to provide actual information regarding the type of goods, quantity, value and the purpose of export.
  16. The Shipper is not allowed to sending goods which is dangerous goods, illegal drugs, drugs, and goods that are included in the prohibited categories by the laws in force both in Indonesia and in the destination country.
  17. Kerry Express is not responsible for any risks caused by incorrect information from the sender regarding the contents of the package.
  18. By sending the package via Kerry Express, the delivery party is deemed to have agreed to the applicable shipping terms and conditions.
  19. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.