Who is Kerry Express Indonesia ?

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Kerry Express is a subsidiary of Kerry Logistics, which is Asia’s Leading logistics service provider which located in Hong Kong. In 2006, Kerry Express established a company in Thailand and over time became the market leader. Seeing the great potential in the field of Indonesian sales, Kerry Express spreads its wings in several countries in Asia, one of them is Indonesia.

In September 2017, Kerry Express was present in Indonesia and began preparing to fulfil the delivery needs of Indonesian people. In May 2018, Kerry Express Indonesia began the operation by opening 12 Distribution Center (DC). In the third quarter of 2018, Kerry Express Indonesia opened its first HUB which address at Pergudangan Malatex, Raya Bogor street KM 31. During this time Kerry Express Indonesia also expanded its network to Java. Until now, Kerry Express Indonesia has 21 Distribution Centres and continues to develop its network. In the beginning of 2019, Kerry Express will expand into the C2C business by opening their shop parcel in several large shopping centres in Jadebotabek.